21 Jun 2019
Listener Spotlight - Zach Hughes

Radio Free: Listener spotlight – Zach Hughes

Zach Hughes is a Florence native that has a love for the outdoors, exciting adventures, and great music. He works at Naturally Outdoors and makes Radio Free a part of his day by listening online while he does repairs and modifications to camping and boating gear. Zach also loves to take long drives in his truck with the windows down while listening to the diverse playlist
on 92.5 FM.

“They say that God works through multiple avenues and Radio Free is proof to me that He works through music. I also love to tune in to the Radio Free podcast and find out about what’s going on in the community and learn about new musicians.”

You can find Radio Free at 92.5 FM, online at
www.radiofree.cc, and on social media!

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